by Ninth Floor Mannequin

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released May 14, 2015



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Ninth Floor Mannequin Philadelphia, New York

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Track Name: Absences
Sometimes I estimate
the strangers' blood in my veins
Behavior & your race
Your age, size, sex & faith
Who are you?
& therefore, who am I?
No need to speak
It seems we're of the same type

I like to speculate she lived up to her name
Records ain't the same
I'd like to feel those names in my veins
How did she feel?
What was all that like?
I'd really like to see but it seems we had our time

Retake the wheel in a familiar case & learn to steer it right
Staying the course on a creaky vessel
Cast diversions aside

We exaggerate the loves we lost on the way
Missing less each day, the pain, smell, touch & taste
The times that we had seems like they were fine
The saying isn't true
Absences & hearts go fine
Track Name: Candor (Captor's Lament)
You're seeing what I couldn't see
Your biggest plans were laid
Not seeing that you, dear
Wanted away from the light I bring.

Faking what I couldn't fake
Feeling what I couldn't feel
If you just stayed here
I could have built a perfect life for us.

Oh, you'd love it all
If only you'd have shown me some
Candor rather than silences.
Now, it's just, "Goodbye."

The cards that we held stayed the same
The hands hadn't changed in weeks
If you didn't go cheat
we'd be living the life that you'd love to lead
but trust wasn't ever your thing
A breaker of hearts & locks
If you just stayed here
we could have had it all
Track Name: The Company
We haven’t much
but what we have is yours for today
It appears the trip has worn your soles
Hungry with red eyes
Sit out by the fire &
We’ll get setting the table soon

It’s only fair. The company lead us in prayer. You’re on

Sit up straight
Say our grace with
your chin raised
lulled by the blade

You hadn’t much
But what you had has squared us away
Rest assured the pleasure was all ours
So, just rest your eyes.
We don’t have much time.
You’ll get company down there soon.

It’s only fair that the company lead us in prayer. They’re on

Sit up straight
Say our grace with
your chin raised
lulled by the blade