Green & Blue for Blackness

by Ninth Floor Mannequin

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released 08 January 2014

All music was written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Jarrod Pedone. (

Album art by Michael Conlon.

Guest vocals on "Empty Tunnels," by Lucas Madrazo, Katie Locke Ladd, Gerald Edward ( & James Downes (



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Snakebit
Me, I'm an emperor watching over dust
She is a lovely distraction from my work.
But is the product greater than her parts? (Maybe)
An aberration, sent to me, to be solved

So what if I am snakebit?
So what if she's my savior?
We'll pioneer a new era
where the bones and the steel are one.
Legend will spread across the planets
Forsaken off in a desert
then she came and the walls would fall

A savage surface without one grain of faith
Before she landed here , my throne was just a cage and
My mind's caved, cause I'm alive and you're a fake. (Maybe)
Liberation couldn't save me. Can I trade it for the lie?
Track Name: Won No Victory
Looked as if the river wouldn't dry when you were mine
'Til circumstances damned up all that I was worth
What was it all for?

Drown into Messiah, sink into what's history
No one needs what you would love to give
Please understand that you're not what you once were to us
We would like to thank you for your work

Well, all of them just come & go like ghosts
Well, I've lost them all
I have won no victories in time at all
What a shameful show
Track Name: Necktie Party
Lower all the lights and sound
Feeling overwhelmed here and now
Static from an urban scene
can drive a simple man to his knees
But desolation yields a different war

The quiet of a frozen plain
can drive a man insane just the same
But, some people just don't have any place
But, some people just don't have a place

We love curl up in a comfortable fear we know
But exposed to an unknown infinite world, we fold
The need to understand everything
It's dangerous, so dangerous

Taunted by a rope in a breeze
Insulted by the simplest machine
Track Name: Empty Tunnels
Listen Annie, give me any name.
I don't come with one.
Please don't be afraid because I am what you need.
Thin or sturdy, build me as you please.
I can love you and I can never leave.
I swear that I can feel.
As the years go by
These circuits, they turn into something you love.

Cave in and make believe
You don't know that I don't even bleed.

My veins are simply empty tunnels, we ignore.
Until I break you down
And you send me on back home
to tell them all I've learned
And you, learning to feel love.
(sing the body)

Cave in and make believe
You don't know that I don't even bleed.
Just cave in and make believe
You don't know that I don't even bleed.
Track Name: Grainy Clips
Trading in all of the green & blue for blackness
All alone, all of the cities start to lose their glow

Frozen stiff, my black orb hangs in vastness
Living for a long dinner and a short dance

The way that you'll be
The way I am now
The way my speck gets smaller, smaller and smaller still

Play and replay the grainy clips in disarray
Trying to keep a disappearing face and a voice alive

Up here alone , I feel my wrinkles stretching longer
and down below, she stays suspended in a smooth young glow
Blue & green come into focus much more slowly
The sudden heat, feeling the earth beneath my feet
And don't you know, it doesn't feel a thing like home
And all is lost, back in the blackness is where I belong