Familiar Form

by 9fm

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A few recent spontaneous & arbitrary songs


released August 5, 2019

Written, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Jarrod Pedone


all rights reserved



9fm New Jersey

I'm Jarrod, writer of 4 minute songs, most of which are based on The Twilight Zone.

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Track Name: Familiar Form
We simply walk
breathe & talk
with a different tone
We take a form
Far from home
to hide who we really are

We’re on & off
True & false
but who really knows
which one is fake?
Either way
It all ends the same

We return & revert back seamlessly
to what we were
When alone, we all know just who we are
& who came first
Settle back into familiar form
Only sure of where I don’t belong

We obey
Time & place
For which star goes on
Who we are
Simply gone
Once out the door

Up or down
In or out
it all seems so right
I’ll stay inside
of my mind
Keep a double life
Track Name: Red Flags
So long, to any name I'd ever known
To trade up, I'd leave them all behind me
With more gone, this dream is getting rather cold
Fold up into the wind, rejoin the names I've cast aside

The sound of the siren voice, as sweet as is cold
We're taking in half of just what we're told
Helplessly we disregard the darker of sides
We'll learn it all on our own time

Before I make things worse
I'll use my curse to say

The price at the end of the road gets all but ignored
We skim & we sign & we just move forward
Every red flag that we see, we're brushing aside
Learn to live the deal we signed
Track Name: Play Along
A victim of circumstance, he seemed alright
Not without some flaws but obviously neither am I
Tell me more all about, what he was like.
But I'd rather see myself, just sit back, hear him speak his mind

Cherish the times that you spend in your mind
Good or bad it could be your last

Time now to reconcile & face the hard facts
That fool you thought you knew is never coming back, no
So live inside this waste of space then adapt
Just play along, observe, improve & then relapse

Although an introvert, he seemed well liked.
Not by all but some, & smart enough to know that’s fine.
How would he take the news about his fate?
Though now he's liked by all, he'll find pity don't feel quite the same

A bit of confidence, modesty too
He was self-aware, showed kindness when he needed to
But in an instant though, that all changed
Too little of all four, he’d be disappointed in me

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